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  • Higher Forecasting Accuracy with AI Replacing Spreadsheet Formulas
  • Fully Automated Cash Forecasting with Daily Updates
  • Accurate 6 to 9 Month Cash Forecasts for Optimized Long Term Investment and Funding Decisions
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Cash Forecasting Cloud Solutions

HighRadius Cash Forecasting Cloud – an advanced forecasting system – leverages the proven RivanaTM Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to provide the most accurate cash flow forecasts – right from a ledger account level and rolling up to the organizational level. Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), the solution seamlessly integrates with your company’s ERPs, accounting systems, banks and order management systems. Multiple AI and Machine Learning algorithms process datasets including bank statement inflows/outflows, sales orders/customers invoices, purchase orders/vendor invoices and expense reimbursements for comprehensive as well as accurate cash flow forecasts. The closed-loop, machine learning feedback system ensures that the forecast models become more accurate with time.

Key Features

AI Based Forecast for Accounts Receivable

Machine Learning to predict invoice-level payment dates; rolling up to provide highly accurate receivables forecasts.

AI Based Forecast for Accounts Payable

Machine Learning models study patterns in vendor payment history and open purchase orders, invoices for accurate payables forecasts.

Flexible Models for Other Operational Flows

For operating cash flow categories such as payroll and expense reimbursements, either a machine learning or a heuristic model is adopted based on the data set complexity.

Configuration of Non-Operational Cash Flows

Tax, investments, debt instruments and other non-operational segments can be automatically predicted based on historical inflows and outflows or can be manually configured by the user on a periodic basis.

Integration of Forecasts From FP&A Team

Integration with Profit & Loss forecasts from Finance Planning & Analysis teams to fine-tune the accuracy of medium and long-term cash forecasts.

Continuous Improvement of Forecasting Accuracy

Closed-loop Machine Learning feedback system automatically reconfigures forecast models by comparing forecast versus actual cash positions to improve accuracy with time.

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