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Cash Forecasting

  • End-to-End Automation
  • Formula and AI-based Forecasts for Highest Accuracy
  • Detailed Variance & Scenario Analysis
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Continuously Refreshed Dashboards and KPIs
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Key Features

Our integrated system can automate data gathering from your ERPs, banks, and other financial systems, as well as support direct file upload to get started quickly.

  • Extract input data automatically from internal and external data sources
  • Data preparation and cleansing is automated to manage formatting or other data quality issues
  • Forecast sheets automatically capture refreshed data and deliver updated forecasts
Automated Data Gathering from Different Sources

The cloud solution designed for cash forecasting features a familiar spreadsheet interface with formula or manual data entry allowing users to build their models or customize existing ones.

  • Start forecasting across all categories with any of more than 25 best-in-class models.
  • Build your own models with easy-to-use spreadsheet like tools
  • Use basic to advanced AI forecasting models custom-built as per your company’s requirements. Over 25 different AI models supported.
Customized Forecasting Models

Using your own rules, or off-the-shelf algorithms for every category at every company, forecasts across multiple horizons can achieve up to 95% accuracy .

  • Intuitive interface and familiar functionality to start forecasting without any training
  • Powerful cloud computing able to process large volumes of data
  • Unlimited cloud storage to save all your historical forecasts, data, and analyses
Category and Company-level Forecasts

The analytics engine automatically recalculates forecasts, and variances, and saves copies as snapshots which are then used in reports and dashboards to support faster decision-making.

  • Use the historical Forecast vs Actual trends to validate improving accuracy of more recent forecasts
  • Make confident business decisions by using only the most reliable forecasts
  • Improve accuracy by analyzing variances at the regional, company, and currency-level
Analytics Dashboard

Scenario-based forecasting enables the user to model various scenarios and understand the impact on cash flows. Plan for different business possibilities, create best and worst-case scenarios, and others as desired for your business, helping you factor in unexpected events and plan future cash flows.

  • Create a range of scenarios (covering time, amount and currency shifts) in one place
  • Run scenarios and save results for comparisons against base cases or other scenarios
Scenario-based Forecasting

Compare forecasted cash flows for a period to the actual cash flows that occur during that period to identify the variance and evaluate the accuracy of the forecast over time.

  • Improve accuracy by analyzing variances at the regional, company, and currency-level
  • Account for variance trends when using forecasts to make business decisions
Variance Analysis across Regions, Currencies & Companies.

Out-of-the-box dashboards for insights into cash forecasts. Users can access reports such as the ‘Expected Invoices Forecast Report,’ which will provide payment predictions at the invoice and account level.

  • Dashboards provide drill-down functionality to understand how cash flow sub-categories contribute to the overall forecast at a parent cash flow level.
  • Forecasts and business insights are auto-refreshed with every data update cycle
Business Intelligence Dashboard

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    Automation of forecasting eliminates manual work & scope of errors allowing teams to focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Improved Visibility

    Consolidated forecasts enable better cash repatriation, pooling, and hedging over the short and long term.
  • Increased Accuracy

    Utilizing and processing more data increases forecasts' accuracy, resulting in better liquidity & debt management.
  • Better Decision-making

    Reports with detailed information into future trends inspires confidence in investment and borrowing decisions.
  • Continuous Insights

    Automated data refresh provides the most current insights for stakeholders.
  • Stronger Collaboration

    The cloud-based platform enables multiple users to access, update, edit, and share information.
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