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Cash Management Cloud

  • Automated Capture of Intra-day Cash Positions Across all Bank Accounts
  • Optimized Funding Decisions Enabled by Accurate and Detailed Cash Visibility
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Cash Management Cloud solutions diagram

Cash Management Cloud Solutions

The HighRadius Cash Management Cloud offers a centralized view of enterprise-wide cash flows with the capability for ledger category, bank account and region specific drill down analysis. Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), the solution integrates across multiple bank accounts to automatically capture cash position data, in addition to connecting with corporate accounting and ERP systems to automate general ledger reconciliation.

Key Features

Automated Bank Statement Processing

Automatically load and process electronic bank statements with support for various formats like BAI2, MT940, ISO20022.

Auto-classify Bank Inflows and Outflows

Auto-classify transaction details from bank files to operational and non-operational cash flow categories including A/R, A/P, Payroll, Tax for richer reporting and analysis.

Daily and Intraday Cash Positions

Consolidated cash position visibility across bank partner data feeds at any roll-up level, on a daily or intra-day frequency.

FX Translated Cash Positions

Translate your cash balances and transactions into a base currency of your choice with auto-refreshed currency exchange rates.

Cross-departmental Workflows

Workflow enabled root-cause analysis across Treasury, A/R, A/P and Tax departments to evaluate abnormalities and steep cash variances.

Touch & Voice Enabled User Interface

Freeda Digital Assistant with a touch- and voice-enabled interface, and role-based, task-specific displays for freedom from clunky, time-consuming enterprise UI.

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