Work from Home Toolkit with Top Credit & Collections Tools

High Radius’ Work from Home toolkit lets you manage collections, credit, account receivables, and more from one place. We’ve compiled our best templates and tools of the trade to get started.

All you’ve got to do is — pick a tool, plug in your data, and begin.

Who is this toolkit for?

If you’re handling Order-to-Cash and keen on enhancing your productivity and streamline daily operations and KPIs, mainly when working through these difficult times — this toolkit is for you.

How do I use this toolkit?

Very simple! Go ahead and click on any of the following tools, enter your business email address (no spam, we promise), connect your data, and get started.

Work from Home Toolkit: What's Inside?

You can expect an exhaustive compilation of tools and templates that include a credit score manager toolkit, collections and credit tools,
accounts receivable dashboard (Excel template). The best part? You can download them for free.
Here's a list of all the tools that come inside our HighRadius Toolkit.

21 Credit & Collection Tools & Email Templates

Best-performing email scripts tried and tested by Fortune 1000 companies and over 700 leading order-to-cash teams.

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Free Accounts Receivable Aging Report

Comprehensive and intuitive aging reports dashboard and an Excel template equipped to auto-prioritize worklists for you. Simply plug in your customer master and open A/R data to get a clear summary and actionable insights into your past-due receivables.

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Free Business Credit Scoring Model for New Customers with D&B, NACM & Experian Data

If you’re onboarding new customers with minimal public financial information (or private accounts) — this credit scoring model is great for evaluating their financial health. You can detect their credit score, risk class, and credit limit. We’ve worked with global credit leaders from diverse organizations to produce this model.

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Top 66 Parameters Your Business Credit Application Must Have

To evaluate if a business is worthy of credit, your Business Credit Application must gather all relevant customer credit details. With our checklist, you can seamlessly evaluate credit applications and uncover insights to optimize the process further.

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Collections Email & Dunning Automation With Excel

Do you have a strategy for sending mass dunning email communication for collecting outstanding payments at once? You don’t have to be a superhuman or use automation tools — Microsoft Word and Excel work wonders. With our template package, you can learn and send thousands of custom emails. All under 15 minutes only!

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55 KPIs for Shared Services Dashboards & What They Mean

An all-you-need list of 55 KPIs to evaluate order-to-cash, process efficiency, improve team productivity, data integration and customer experience. It also comprises metrics that matter to leaders in a Shared Service Centre. Besides, you can gain additional invaluable tips on interpreting KPIs and suggest next steps based on the analysis.

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B2B Credit Card Surcharging 101: An Ultimate Guide to Reducing Credit Card Processing Fees

Everything you need to roll out a surcharge program and welcome credit card payments! This Excel template comes with a surcharge calculator, tips on reducing interchange rates and improving customer experience. All of this without compromising credit card data or breaking surcharge laws.

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6 RFP Templates for Order-to-Cash Vendor Evaluation

Go beyond the basics! With these templates, gain insightful data on how major Fortune 1000 companies and SMEs evaluate their vendors for the digital transformation of their accounts receivable processes.

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