Trade Promotions Management

Trade Promotions Settlement



HighRadius’ ReceivablesRadius Trade Promotions Management helps businesses streamline the process of trade promotions settlement. Trade promotions are a critical element of a business’ marketing strategy and a necessary lever for revenue enhancement, especially in the CPG industry. However, an inefficient promotion settlement process can damage the business’ relations with retailers, adversely affect sales in the long-run and defeat the very purpose of trade promotions. Therefore, an intelligent Trade Promotions Management system is essential to realize the value from a business’ trade promotions. ReceivablesRadius Trade Promotions Management helps businesses track promotions and relate deductions to promotions; while an intelligent rules engine helps validate promotion related claims, helping faster settlement of deductions related to promotions.
HighRadius’ solution is a cloud-based service requiring no installation on-premises. It is part of a suite of on-demand products from HighRadius called ReceivablesRadius. Customers can go-live on Trade Promotions Management within, as little as, a month.
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