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Consumer E-Lockbox

The HighRadius Consumer E-Lockbox enables banks to offer straight-through consumer bill payment consolidation and reconciliation services to their clients by automatically interfacing between clients and multiple Bill Service Providers. Clients of all sizes benefit from a consolidated view of bill payments and perform functions such as account number validations, cross-reference matching, reversals and rejections with a bank-powered Consumer E-Lockbox solution.

Consumer E-Lockbox

Supporting clients with consolidation of their consumer bill payment information requires a lot of manual work. From gathering payment information from different Bill Service Providers to reconciling with customer and account level information from the client, banks could lose valuable resources and time in offering these services to their clients. Moreover, a manual process poses the risk of inaccurate payment consolidation – a detriment to client experience.

The HighRadius Consumer E-Lockbox automates the end-to-end consolidation of payment information from multiple Bill Service Providers while reconciling inputs from the clients to deliver a single output file which could be used to update the clients’ accounting and ERP systems.


  • Compatibility with any Bill Service Provider including FiServ, ACI, FIS and MasterCard RPPS
  • Ability to parse and generate all formats of payment information files including RPPS and CheckFree
  • Auto-correction of incoming payer information to match client database
  • Auto-reconciliation to update payment statuses based on client-provided account-level instructions
  • Bank-branded online portal for clients to access consolidated payment information and exception handling workflows
  • Advanced out-of-the-box reports including Payment Volumes, Rejected Payments and Items and Payment Reversals


  • Single-source processing of all payment sources
    Process payments from all sources including cheques, deposits, electronic payments, wire transfers and cards covering all B2B receivables payment channels and consumer bill payments
  • Straight-through reconciliation of bill payments
    Reconcile company and account-level instructions with automated payment information from multiple bill payment sources to enable straight through reconciliation at a customer account-level
  • High compatibility with all Bill Service Providers
    Prepare for the future with forward-compatibility with new Bill Service Providers or Payment file formats
  • Consolidated view of all consumer bill payments
    Save time and effort required to switch through multiple Bill Service Provider interfaces for capturing and processing bill payments
  • One-click processing for reversals and rejections
    Handle payment exceptions and process instructions to initiate payment rejections or reversals with an advanced functionality, online user-interface


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