Wake up and Smell the Coffee sept 2017

Wake up and Smell the Coffee: A Starbucks Guide to Achieving 77% Zero-Touch, Straight Through Cash Posting for 2 Million Payment Line Items Annually

About the Video:

Starbucks, the million-dollar American coffee company and coffeehouse chain, experienced 16% CAGR for five consecutive years. Processing over 2 million payment line items annually, the customer financial team had to evolve in order to support growth and drive adoption of low-cost electronic payment formats including ACH and credit cards

Join Martha, Director, Finance CPG Group at Starbucks as she spills the beans on how her team dealt with the challenges of constantly growing payment volume coupled with the reconciliation of electronic payment and remittance information across emails, email attachments, EDI files and customer web portals. Martha also explains how her team handled short-payments and discounts for hundreds of thousands of payments every month.


Martha McElroy-Rojas, Director, Finance CPG Group, Starbucks Coffee Company

Tammy Colburn, Senior Accounting Manager – AR, Starbucks Coffee Company

Allison Tanner, Strategic Account Executive, HighRadius