Customer-Centric Digital Transformation: Zurich’s Digital Initiatives for 2020 and Ahead


Tisha Clausell

Vendor Performance Manager,
Zurich Insurance

Gail Mengeling

AVP, Finance Operations, North America,
Zurich Insurance


[0:00]Anchor: Okay, so thank you for joining us for today's session on how Zurich digitally transformed itself and what its future goals are. Today we have Tisha Clausell with us, she serves as a vendor performance manager and Gail Mengeling, she is a governance manager. They both work for Zurich Insurance. And, Zurich is a Swiss insurance company, and Tisha, Gill, the stage is all yours. [0:28] Gail Mengeling: So we're going to talk about the journey that we've had with HighRadius in trying to transform our cash processing and really then how it had affected our customers and the full customer experience because we were running into some roadblocks. So my businesses are naysayers to risks and change is tough. The second one would be our masterstroke for success, the priority for looking at our customers, and how valuable their feedback was to us. And then our wishlist for the way forward. [1:03] Gail Mengeling: Why are business naysayers? So, oftentimes, we all get into a comfort zone, it doesn't matter if you're at work or if you're at home, you get into a comfort zone or routine. And it feels really good. And you know, you heard it…

What you'll learn

  • Understanding the customer-led digital transformation initiatives at Zurich
  • Cash application automation at Zurich: a success story

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