Deduction Management: Workflow, Automation and Reporting


Cindy Scott

Senior Manager A/R & Billing, Blackhawk Network


[0:00] Cindy Scott: Hello everyone, I'm going to first tell you that I'm not gonna move around a lot because this is high, and I'll probably fall off and it kind of creeks and this makes me really nervous. So, I'm just going to pretty much stay still. Sorry. This is really high, it's kind of bizarre, so bear with me. (Audience Laughter) If I screech once in a while you'll know why. So, let's just dive in. I wanted to talk a little bit about the deductions management solution and how we implemented that at Blackhawk and why we implemented it. Is the slide working? [0:38] Audience: I think you have to go down. [0:40] Cindy Scott: There we go. Okay! Down it's a scary word right now. (Audience Laughter). So I'll give you a little background as I said about Blackhawk. What does the deductions landscape look like? What we decided is that we need the building blocks for a solution. When do we start looking for one? What that solution in action would look like? Some of the results. And some of the key benefits and best practices that we identified along the way. [1:09] Cindy Scott:…

What you'll learn

Most A/R teams absorb deductions as the cost of doing business. Automation technology is available to help manage deductions and reduce write-offs. Learn about the three must-have functionalities for a deductions management solution to include structured workflows, task automation, and out-of-the-box reporting and analytics.

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