Deductions 2020: A Tech-driven Approach to Resolve F ‘n’ B Deductions Faster


Jacob Whetstone

Director Credit and Accounts Receivable,


[0:00] Anchor: Thank you for joining a session on why you need a tech-driven approach to resolve FMV deductions actions faster. Today our speaker is Jacob Wetzlar, Director of credit and they are at Danone. Jacob is an experienced business professional with a diversified background that includes sales, receivables, payables, account balancing forecasting and financial analysis (giggles) that was a long list and now that the housekeeping is out of the way Jacob the stage is all yours. [0:32] Jacob Wetzlar: All right, thank you guys can hear me okay. All right. So a lot smaller stage. So if we don't walk off of it here, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to speak thank you guys for coming out. I know it's right before lunch. We're just talking about I think before lunch is better than after lunch. So hopefully you guys are hungry, you will stay awake. And hopefully, I won't keep you too long and we can go have a good lunch. But yeah, I'm going to talk about kind of our deduction process that we have Danone, and it's really going to be from our perspective. So I know there's a lot of people from different…

What you'll learn

  • Shift to a digital-first deductions resolution approach through progressive hiring
  • Evolve the role of transaction-oriented deduction clerks to strategic business analysts with Artificial Intelligence
  • Improve collaboration across teams for prompt resolution

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