Demystiying Unpredictable Customer Behavior


Carolyn Etress

Director, Accounts Receivable, EBSCO


[01:17] Carolyn Etress: Good morning, everybody thanks Angela for the joke. That was great. I'm Carolyn Etress with Ebsco you may or may not recognize our name or our logo. But if you are doing research and databases that are provided by your local public library, your corporate library or in your academic work, then you've probably seen or used our products and we appreciate that very much. We're going to talk today about unpredictable customer behavior. Most of Ebsco's customers are academic libraries and Health care institutions. And what we've learned as we try to improve processes is that it is difficult to manage that customer behavior. I think when I don't know seven-nine years ago when we were trying to automate our payment processing as much as we could, using bank services and that sort of thing, we assumed that it would be easier than it was to change some customer behaviors to help us become more efficient. So I think all of you are here because you have some similar experiences and we're going to talk about those today. [03:13] Carolyn Etress: First I do want to tell you a little bit about Ebsco. We've been in…

What you'll learn

90% respondents agree that the biggest roadblock in standardizing payment and remittance formats is changing customer behavior. Cash Application teams deal with multiple payment formats & missing or incomplete remittance information. Join Carolyn as she explains that why changing customer payment behavior is a lost cause and how AI and advanced technology is the only saviour for A/R teams across the world.

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