Global-ready Cash Application


Martin Doran

Process Manager Accounts Receivable, Bayer Business Services


Martin Doran: So just full disclosure, I come from an I.T. background and we're not usually famous for our presentations. So bear with me here. And, if you have any questions go ahead, please interrupt, make it as interactive as possible because this is really where the value is and where the fun is. So as you can hear, I'm Irish. I worked with Bayer for 11 years. I started in Barcelona in Spain. And for many of those years, I worked on rolling out FSCM - Financial Supply Chain Management and moved to this position one year ago. Martin Doran: So I'm quite new and young with the HighRadius projects, and this was my first big project within this role as a GPO Process Manager. And today's presentation is the Global Cash Apps - roll-out for 12 countries, actually in scope. So in scope, it is 64 countries, but we have twelve countries that are live so far. And what today's presentation is - to give a bit of background, a bit of feeling. How was the experience so far? What were the challenges? What did we learn and what did we take away? What are we going to…

What you'll learn

12 countries – 3 continents – one solution. Implementing global-ready cash application at such a mammoth scale was riddled with complexities such as addressing localized customer behavior, incorporating complex payment types and processing inconsistent payment advice. Learn from Martin how pharma-giant, Bayer championed global cash allocation roll-out by flexible remittance processing, extracting value out of vast amounts of customer data, and prioritizing value creation over process automation.

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