How Danone Cut Cash App Costs by 75% with AI


Jacob Whetstone

Director Credit and Accounts Receivable, Danone


Jacob Whetstone: I won a contest in our class, and my job was right before the commercial break I'd say something like "Stay tuned for the weather" and then I would cut it. So I was so excited I was trying to tell my kids about this, and they were like, "Oh! We wanna see it on the news!" and I was trying to explain to them that we don't have a VCR to play the recording of it, and that went way over their heads. So the fact that you can YouTube me and that experience they didn't get it, but that was my claim to fame. So, I'm going to go over an experience that we had at Danone when we brought on cash application and automated it and were able to see great results. So we've done it with a couple of different companies that we've brought in. So, I'll talk a little bit about Danone, which will talk about our structure, and how we're set up and our shared service organization. Also, go through some of the challenges that we have, the solution that we implemented that drove these excellent results for us, and talk about…

What you'll learn

A NACHA survey reported that less than 30% of e-payments received by A/R teams can be processed without requiring manual intervention. So, how do you plan to tackle rising e-payment volumes without disrupting the current cash application process? Learn how Danone was able to automate 90% electronic payment to realize lower payment acceptance costs.

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