Radiating A/R Operations: Collaborating with a Third-Party Ally


Joy Krugel

Credit Manager, Johnsonville

Kathy Rotondo

Senior Vice President, IAB Solutions


Joy Krugel: Okay, just to check everybody here since we have a full room I want to make sure I have everybody's attention. Well, thank you for joining us today. They do say they saved the best for last. So between the session and lunch. Here we go. Just maybe just a little bit that I didn't include in our bio for those of you, Johnsonville though has been around 75 Years we're celebrating our seventy-fifth anniversary this year. We're a little over a billion dollars in sales and we are national as well as international in 42 countries. So a lot of people go, oh really! You sell sausage across the border. Yes, we do. And it is our brand. So if you're traveling in Asia and Japan-China you will see our brand in those marketplaces. So anyway I'm excited to be here with Kathy today. Kathy Rotondo: Yes, I have been working with joy at Johnsonville for eight years now. We've developed a great partnership in supporting her team. And in the area of deductions, customer deductions. So we're hoping to share some of our experiences today and how we make that work and how you might be…

What you'll learn

Partnering is necessary for the A/R Space. Tighten your seatbelts as Joy and Kathy walk you through their partnership in the AR space. A Right Partnership needs support from both the ends, with knowledge transfer, trust & expectation settings.

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