Resolving Unique Cash App Challenges and Handling Global Relocation


Deborah DiLuca

Treasurer, DB Schenker

Seth Pleta

Manager, SAP Support Services, DB Schenker


Deborah DiLuca: I'm surprised that everybody's here. I heard that there was a big party last night. So I'm glad that people actually showed up. I just wanted to sort of talk about DB Schenker. This is our agenda and we're going to just talk about Schenker and what that is and our cash application, basically before we went live our requirements how we selected a vendor, implementation phase and the lessons learned. DB Schenker is a global logistics provider already. I work for Schenker Canada Ltd. We're sort of located in Mississauga which is just outside of Toronto. We have about 2000 locations worldwide. Schenker Canada reports into Schenker AG which is owned by Deutsche Bahn. Deutsche Bahn is the railway system in Germany. So we're owned by a German company and we're sort of dictated downward on what we can and cannot do. There are about seven hundred and fifty warehouses across the world and more than 72000 employees. Basically, our cash application when I started at Schenker, I've been there for about 15 years. And the first thing I wanted to do when I came in changed what I saw, what they were doing and one of…

What you'll learn

Learn how to centralize a disparate cash application process in a shared services center and how to automate EBS posting, control lockbox, and payment processing costs.

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