Simplifying the Payments Processes


Jane Larimer

President and CEO,

Eileen Dignen

Head of Product Strategy,

Katherine McClure

Director, Partner Development,

Andrea Occhi

Director, Product Development,


[00:48] Speaker 1: First up, we have. Jane Larimer, CEO of NACHA. Jane, please come up to the stage. Next up, we have Eileen Dignen. Welcome back, Eileen. She's a true veteran. She's head of product strategy at PNC. Next up we have Katherine McClure, director of partner development at PPro. Welcome to the stage, Katherine. I don't know if you noticed, but Katherine was there on the day one video. And she was number four. Lastly, we have Andrea Occhi, Director of Product Development, MasterCards. Andrea, thank you for coming. And last but not least, let's say to your chief product officer at HighRadius, this is your lineup for this panel. Please give them a big round of applause. Thank you. [01:13] Sayid: Good morning, everybody. This is our last session. And tell you the truth. This is the second session that I'm moderating. And the last session, the analysts finally got big feedback. What happened to diversity? We had five men sitting on stage. And so I'm feeling so proud today that the men are outnumbered in this panel. Right. So let's get started with our questions. So the audience may or may not know the full context…

What you'll learn

In this panel, join PNC, Mastercard, Nacha as they discuss how treasury and A/R teams could simplify the payments process by adopting e-payments. The session would also cover how e-payments could help with B2B e-commerce, faster payment processing and acceptance, cross-border trade and fraud mitigation.

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