Switching to Automation: Hershey’s Kroger’s Deductions Automatic Resolution Story


Lisa Maloy

Manager of Deduction Team for US and Canada,

Angela Stewart

Manager of Deduction Team for US and Canada,


[0:02] Lisa Maloy: Okay, thank you for joining us this morning. I'm first going to talk through a little bit about Hershey. We're over 70 countries in the world. And you can see a few about her achievement that Michele Buck was our first female CEO. Milton Hershey was the founder of our company. [0:30] Lisa Maloy: Recently we celebrated our 120 year anniversary and not here she founded the non-commercial educational ever, the largest philanthropist. [0:48] Lisa Maloy: Slides here to all that we are a billion-dollar company. [1:01] Lisa Maloy: And a few of our products on here again a couple of years old candy we moved into another snack area we have a few additional snacks we've acquired recently like parents beauty and remember the other popcorn skinny. [1:35] Angela Stewart: Good morning. So I'm going to take you through our Cobra automation process. [1:40] Angela Stewart: As you can see from the slide or Sri Lanka deduction, the number of deductions are increasing across all industries. Crushy is no different. So this means for all of us that there's a loss in productivity and efficiency. And while the number of deductions is it Increasing we're unable…

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  • Understand how Hershey’s automated deduction resolution process helped them reduce write-offs
  • Learn about the future of deductions in the age of Artificial Intelligence

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