The Core of A/R: Three-Way Matching


Jason Herrington

VP, AR, Credit & Collections – Shared Services, EmployBridge


[00:10] Jason Herrington: Oh, I want to personally thank everybody that walked all the way down here and found this because I was actually having a hard time and enduring it's like 40 degrees here. So, and it's the end of the day so thanks so much for making the time. So I'll just set this up circa 2016 where EmployBridge was in its current state. We've just gone through a major merger. A 1.3 billion dollar company merged with a 2 billion-dollar company. So we're trying to figure out how to collectively manage 3.3 billion dollars in transactional activities from two ERP systems. So the critical first step for us was to look at an automated cash application solution and that's where we began our journey with HighRadius. And we're gonna go through this agenda and executive summary, some things about EmployBridge, our business goals for cash application, how we do it, Cash application and EmployBridge and the results and benefits that we ultimately achieved. So the executive summary, what were the challenges in 2015 right after this merger or the cash application process was effectively 100 percent manual. We had a rather large team in-house and overseas you…

What you'll learn

While Cash application might not be of the most strategic importance it is low-hanging fruit for automation and can also positively impact other A/R operations. Join this session to learn Employbridges’ cash application journey.

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