Up To 77,000+ Claims Auto-Aggregated: How Mattel Switched To An Automated Mode Using AI-Enabled Deductions


Tracy Falkowski

Financial Associate,


[0:00] Host: Good morning, everybody. Did you all get a chance to attend the party last night? Yeah, there's hydration IVs on the field for those of you that need it, and thank you for showing up today and joining us for the session- Deductions Automation: The Journey of Mattel. Our speaker today is Tracy Falkowski. Tracy has been with Mattel for 10 years, working in the collection, deduction management, and credit areas. She was part of Mattel's original transition to HighRadius deductions module and is involved in its implementations as well as future adoption of collections and cash app. She will discuss Mattel's success with HighRadius automation. Tracy, the stage is all yours. [0:45] Tracy Falkowski: Thank you. Welcome. Hi, I am Tracy Falkowski and I'm here to share Mattel's journey with the HighRadius deductions module starting from our former, very manual process to our current state of automation and then a future state of further automation and using HighRadius's artificial intelligence to help decide our deductions. I'll talk a little bit about our company, a brief history of our manual process before HighRadius, our success with HighRadius's automation, our future goals with a project called Deductions 2.0 and…

What you'll learn

  • Understanding the real-life use cases of AI in Deductions for Mattel
  • How AI can help in accurate deduction research recommendations

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