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Accounts Receivable Aging Report Excel Template

What Is an A/R Aging Report Template?

An accounts receivable aging report is usually an excel report that shows the past-due invoice amounts along with the past-due duration. In simpler words, an A/R aging report shows the age of your open invoices or for how long your invoices have remained past-due. For example, 30 days. Collectors are often unable to prioritize their at-risk customers and with the huge number of customers assigned daily it gets difficult for them to contact every customer.

With the accounts receivable aging report template provided by HighRadius, your collectors can identify, prioritize and focus on the high-risk customers. This excel-based aging template makes collections prioritization easier for your collectors. It gives you a ready-to-use, intuitive aging dashboard for past-due receivables. Additionally, your collectors can access a prioritized dunning worklist, included in this template that could automatically prioritize your customers according to risk class, aging bucket and past-due amount.

How to Use the Excel Aging Report Template?

How to Use the Excel Aging Report Template

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Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts receivable aging report helps your collectors analyze the outstanding invoices and track the receivables health. This helps businesses to improve their cash flow and optimize credit policies according to the aging report to further reduce bad-debt.

A typical A/R aging report should consist of the customer master data, open A/R data along with the duration of the past-due amount. The customers are classified into various aging buckets. These are the categories that are generally used:

0 Current
0-15 Days Past Due
16-30 Days Past due
31-60 Days Past Due
61-90 Days Past Due
91+ Days Past Due

Checkout the sample receivables aging report from HighRadius to understand what should be the contents of an A/R aging report.

A/R aging reports are generally created with the combination of customer information such as customer name, risk classification and credit limit allocated along with the open A/R data which consists of invoice details and the outstanding duration. With manual efforts, generating the A/R aging report from all these data gets complicated and the collectors lack visibility on the at-risk customers who are supposed to be contacted at first. With the A/R aging report template provided by HighRadius your collectors can get to know whom to contact first with the help of an auto-generated prioritized worklist. HighRadius also provides automation enabled free A/R aging software which can help you to further optimize your day-to-day collections activities.

Prioritized dunning worklists help collectors stay on top of their customers with a prioritized list of whom to call or email first. With dynamic collection strategies, AI-based adaptive automation tools such as HighRadius Collections Cloud, your collectors can auto-prioritize their customers every day without involving any manual effort. Collections Cloud auto-prioritizes customers and recommends the action plan for each customer.

With HighRadius Collections Software, you can enable 75% faster past-due recovery by staying on top of your high-risk customers through AI-based dynamic customer segmentation and day-to-day automated worklist prioritization. You can further customize your collections strategies with AI-based payment date prediction to auto-prioritize at-risk customers and ensure faster past-due recovery.