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How TCL Corp achieved 97% Touchless Cash Posting with the HRC AI-Powered Cash Application Software

Impact Achieved


Invoice level Hit Rate for Cash Allocation


Deductions Auto Coded


Elimination of Bank
Lockbox fees


Account Hit Rate for Cash Allocation

About TCL Corp

TCL Corp, world’s third largest television producer in the world, achieved 97% straight - through cash posting, enhanced workflow, and eliminated the maintenance cost of Lockbox using OCR Engines - only with the HighRadius Cash Application Software.





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Top Challenges

  • Extremely manual, time- consuming cash posting.
  • Inability to handle a complex payments landscape.
  • Paying the high lockbox fee was a drain on expenses.

Business Benefits

  • Straight-through invoice level hit rate with auto-cash posting
  • 100% Elimination of Lockbox fees across all banks.
  • Automated deductions coding, reducing the analyst’s workload

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