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Learn how TCL Corp, world’s third largest TV producer, achieved 97% straight-through cash posting with the HighRadius Cash App Software.

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Overview of Autonomous Receivables Solutions for High Tech Electronic Companies

  • Auto-Prioritized Worklist to Identify the High-Risk Customers
  • 100% Automated Dunning for All Customer Portfolios
  • Automated capture & Recording of customer calls, Notes & P2P’s
A Leading Audio Electronics Company
Reduction in ADD in a yearhighradius
Cash Application
Cash Application
  • AI-Based Remittance Prediction for Missing & Complex Remittance Scenarios
  • Auto Remittance Capture from Emails, EDIs, Checks, Customer Portals
  • 100% elimination of bank lockbox fees
Invoice level hit ratehighradius
  • Auto-capture of claims, PODs from customer & carrier portals
  • Faster, automated research and resolution for non-trade deductions
  • 100% Real Time Credit Risk Monitoring with HighRadius’ AI-Powered Credit Management Software.
  • 3x faster customer onboarding and real-time credit risk visibility with proactive credit reviews

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Why High Tech Electronics A/R Leaders Trust HighRadius

Integrate Disparate systems  within 5-6 Months
Integrate Disparate systems within 5-6 Months

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As) are common in this space, to build on a lot of technology. Therefore, a considerable amount of disparate systems are seen over time. Eg – TCL Corp, Tech Data, etc.

30-40% Higher Efficiency on Higher-value Tasks, more scalable teams
30-40% Higher Efficiency on Higher-value Tasks, more scalable teams

Enable teams to focus on higher-value tasks with increased efficiency & build more scalable teams. As a result of M&As, the enhanced standardization process involves a greater number of teams.

Automated Portals to Pull Multi-format  Documents
Automated Portals to Pull Multi-format Documents

A large amount of time is spent on the number of portals in high tech electronics space to support increasing volumes in multiple areas such as – claims, PODs, etc.

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AI-Based Remittance Prediction for Complex Remittance Scenarios

HighRadius’ AI-Based remittance prediction suggests missing remittances to payments & allows analysts to choose from multiple suggestions. It allows the remittances to be matched based on various fields like – purchase order number, receipt, or receiving data.

Increased Cash Application Process Accuracy With Auto-Remittance Capture

Automatically capture accurate check remittance data AI-based multiple Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engines. Auto-capture of remittances from emails and EDIs. Leverage web bots to access customer portals and extract web remittances.

Automated Capture and Recording of Calls, Emails and P2Ps

HighRadius’ collections software can effortlessly extract and store the information from calls, emails, and other correspondences. The AI leveraged dashboards provide enhanced real-time visibility into crucial metrics like employee KPIs by recording analyst performance.

Auto-Prioritized Worklist to Identify High-Risk Customers

Enable auto-prioritized worklist with AI-Leveraged Collections Cloud and easily identify high-risk customers. With its AI capabilities, the software helps the collections team to improvise their collection strategies for a faster past-due recovery.

100% Automated Dunning for Customer Portfolios

HighRadius Collections Software automates the dunning process for a global customer base. Automatically send dunning emails across emails, faxes, or push correspondences to the customer’s AP portals by using pre-built dunning templates.

Automated Payment Tracking with 100% Real-time Visibility

You can auto-extract payment status details, & payment commitments from web portals & A/P portals, respectively. It informs about missing invoices to prevent payment delays. Further, It automatically pushes invoices to A/P portals, extracts invoice statuses, and payment commitments – all through a single Collections platform.

100% Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring to Maintain Lower Bad Debt

With an AI-leveraged credit cloud, Enable 100% real-time credit risk monitoring of global customer portfolios with a one-stop repository that stores all the credit information. Moreover, credit teams can easily pull credit reports, ratings, financials, and other important information from 40+ global agencies.

Auto Capture of Backup Documents with HighRadius Deduction Software

With HRC Deductions Cloud, auto-capture all the data from Trade Promotion Management(TPM) Systems and store all the documents in a single repository. This helps High-Tech electronic companies to save analysts’ time for more critical tasks like research and contacting high-risk customers.

Enhanced Billing & Payment Process via Self Service Portals

HighRadius EIPP cloud enables real-time visibility into the billing and the payments process & provides self-service customer portals. Analysts can log in and view details of outstanding invoices, and the customers can make payments via credit cards and ACH.

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BPO & Consulting Partners

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Banking Partners

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Customer Success Stories

Leading Audio Electronics Firm
Straight-Through Cash Posting
Deductions Auto- coding

The World’s 3rd largest Television Network, TCL Corp’s cash application process was understaffed, dealing with a manual, time-consuming cash posting process. Discover how TCL Corp overcome this challenge and achieved 97% straight-through cash posting by Automating their cash application process.

Leading Audio Electronics Firm
Invoice Level Hit Rate
Reduction in DSO in a year

A leading Audio Electronics firm had a Time-Consuming, Inefficient Cash Application process which made it difficult for Internal Team Collaboration and the Inability to Focus on High-Risk Customers. Discover how HighRadius helped them overcome this challenge, along with auto-prioritized worklists & dunning process.

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Autonomous Receivables Solutions for <span data-lazy-src=
Autonomous Receivables Solutions for <span data-lazy-src=
Autonomous Receivables Solutions for <span data-lazy-src=

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