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Standardizing Deductions Across 42 BUs While Achieving 96% Reduction In Open Deductions

  • 60% Increase in Overall Productivity
  • 95% Faster Dispute Resolution
  • 96% Reduction in Open Deductions
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By automating manual processes with HighRadius, we’re saving important dollars and headcount avoidance, and we’re constantly building capacity to absorb new operations due to the company’s expansion.

David de la O Perdomo
Director, Global Accounts Receivable
How did HighRadius help

Challenges With Deductions

2000+ Deductions Open For More Than 2 Years Due To Manual Time Consuming Deductions Process

Blackhawk had over 2000 pending deductions for over two years with over 4,000 total deduction line items. Further, they also had over 100+ line items per deduction bucket, which was above usual industry standards, that they had a hard time handling manually.

Lack of Deductions Management Workflow and Inter-Team Collaboration

Blackhawk lacked a standardized workflow for deductions management, resulting in analysts using their independent processes for approvals, making internal collaboration difficult. Additionally, as they used spreadsheets, the resolution was highly error prone and time-consuming.

No Real-Time Visibility Into The Status Of Deductions

Managers at Blackhawk did not have any visibility into the deductions metrics due to a lack of a structured process. The absence of a performance reporting mechanism resulted in zero accountability.


Blackhawk Network Holdings Inc. is a privately held company operating in the prepaid, gift card, and payments industries with a $1 Billion revenue. They sell branded physical and digital gift, phone, prepaid debit, and incentive cards online through a network of global retailers spread across the globe.


Service Provider


Pleasanton, California, United States


$1 Billion



How did HighRadius Help

David de la O Perdomo

Using HighRadius, we also have the capacity to pull operational metrics in an easy way, this helps to understand where our challenges are and what needs to be done to be fixed.

David de la O Perdomo
Director, Global Accounts Receivable


Increase in Overall Productivity
Faster Dispute Resolution
Reduction in Open Deductions

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