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Moving Beyond ERP to the Cloud and the Platform Approach

Find out how a single integrated cloud platform overcomes all of the concerns associated with traditional ERP systems.

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2-minutes Summary

  • The pitfalls of disparate ERP and legacy applications As per BCG analysis, there are seven key processes and 27 sub-processes in an O2C process. Traditionally, businesses solved their process issues by adopting standalone applications.
  • Having a cloud strategy is critical to resolving issues of siloed operations, and is it sufficient for business continuity Integrating individual processes into the cloud does not resolve the issue of siloed operations. A cloud-based integrated platform is needed to create a layer of the system of engagement for managing end-to-end O2C processes.
  • Adopting an integrated platform is the right approach to overcome the challenges imposed by siloed solutions. An O2C platform unites underlying functions to communicate with each other, which optimizes O2C processes to provide faster processing and turn-around time.
  • Cargill’s strategy on designing a single O2C system. Cargill deployed a solution that integrated receivables from multiple ERPs, maintained a consistent flow of data in the form of a unified dataset, and enabled process standardization across different BUs.

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