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There has to be a better way to close books

Ric Ratkowski, Product Consultant, HighRadius
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AI Demystified for Detecting Errors and Omissions in the Monthly Financial Close Process

Learn the right approach for applying AI for error detection during the financial close process Okay...can you update the ebooks as per the new template?
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Best practices for improving month end close accuracy

Download the guide to explore the best accounting practices for finance teams to achieve a faster and accurate month-end close
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Streamline Account Analysis for Month End Close Process

Learn what accounting analysis is and how to do account analysis in order to improve month close process.
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Why does Month End Close Take Time?

Learn about the various financial close bottlenecks Discover how financial close software can simplify the month end close process
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Organizing the Month End Financial Close Process

Read this ebook to discover how to close books faster in the age of AI.
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Autonomous Accounting: Breaking The Mould For The Financial Close

Learn how CFOs need to reimagine automation and technology with autonomous accounting to achieve faster and smoother financial close.
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What’s an Integrated Audit? [+ How to Do One]

An integrated audit thoroughly evaluates both financial and operational aspects, providing comprehensive insights into your organization's overall effectiveness and efficiency.
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Accounting Audit Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

An accounting audit checks financial information for accuracy and compliance with accounting standards.
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The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Day Zero Financial Close

Learn about the challenges of financial close process, the role of AI in achieving day-zero close, and parameters for choosing financial automation software.
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Financial Reporting Framework: The In-depth Guide (With Example)

Financial reporting frameworks offer rules for creating financial reports which can be used by analysts to analyze the financial transactions.
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A CFO’s Guide To Steering Clear Of The Year-End Close Stress

The blog provides explores the challenges the office of the CFO face while performing year-end close and how they can overcome them by adopting intelligent…
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The Ultimate Year-End Accounting Checklist (2023)

A year-end accounting checklist is a set of targets including report releases that you want to complete before the financial year ends.
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Key Trends in Financial Reporting for 2022-23 and Beyond

The recent trends in financial reporting indicate a higher focus on sustainability reporting and the use of automation to power on-demand reporting.
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Month-End Close: Steps, Checklist, and Best Practices

The month-end close process includes reviewing the company’s balance sheet, intercompany trades, journal entries, and other documents and reconciling them.
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Why does Month End Close Take Time

Read this blog to understand how financial close software can simplify the month end close process by avoiding various financial close bottlenecks.
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5 Accounting Trends to Look Out For

Read the top 5 accounting trends and learn how technological advancements offer opportunities for accounting professionals to improve processes.
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Free Monthly Financial Reporting Template for CFOs

This monthly financial report template overviews the critical KPIs for the finance and accounting teams.
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Financial Close and Reporting

Mariana R C Costa: Hello everyone. Good morning. Thanks for calling the session. I know it’s a little bit cold today. It’s not easy. So,…
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