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How to Go an Extra Mile with a Tech-Led Lean Finance Team

Empower lean finance teams to go the extra mile toward making a positive business impact with autonomous finance.
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Digital Transformation Blueprint for the Office of the CFO

Learn how mid-market finance leaders can improve revenue generation by leveraging intelligent automation tools.
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Holistic Financial Solution vs. Best-of-Breed Solutions for Finance Function Transformation

This blog offers insights on how to transform the finance landscape and what is the best fit for an organization: a holistic solution or best-of-breed…
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Temporary vs Permanent Accounts: What’s the Difference (With Examples)

Temporary accounts are the ones that are closed at the end of the fiscal period. Whereas permanent accounts stay up and running.
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A quick glance into the evolution of AR function

Enterprise Resource Planning has become an inevitable part of businesses today. Learn about how AR system functions within ERPs have evolved over time.
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