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Overcoming the Seven Critical Challenges for A/R Shared Services to Thrive in a Turbulent Economy

Insights into how shared services leaders are coping with the turbulent economy and how they can prepare for the next stage
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Read the Blog: Fundamentals To Reinvent Your Shared Services

This infographic brings to you the necessary skills required for A/R shared services leaders to return with resilience and thrive their shared services in 2021.
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From Whirlpool: 10 Steps To Digitally Transform A/R Shared Service Centers

Background Whirlpool is one of the world’s leading home appliances companies focused on innovation and winning the digital consumer journey. They decided to consolidate the…
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How To Accelerate Integration Of BUs Into Shared Services

In today’s fast-paced world, as companies undergo business expansion, it becomes necessary for them to expand their process scope, consolidate their business functions, and bring…
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Shared Services in a Multi-ERP Landscape

Paul Watters: As Melanie mentioned, my name is Paul Watters and I’m the director of Global Credit and Treasury for Mercury. And what I want…
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Danone’s SSC Story: Moving Beyond Cost Savings

Develop scalable models that lead to operational efficiency within minimal time. Focus on customer centricity without compromising on performance.
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