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Shared Services Collections: 5 Lessons Learnt

Tim Fogarty, Director Digital Transformation, HighRadius Natalie Fedie, VP of Customer Value, HighRadius
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Why Your Shared Services RPA Strategy Needs Artificial Intelligence

Rakesh Sangani, CEO, Proservartner
Gwyn Roberts, Vice President EMEA, HighRadius
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SSON Report: Automating Accounts Receivable

Learn about the consequences of a poorly managed A/R and the importance of A/R automation from this SSON Report.
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Overcoming the Seven Critical Challenges for A/R Shared Services to Thrive in a Turbulent Economy

Know the challenges in A/R shared services and tips to drive successful digital transformation initiatives to help them become strategic value-drivers.
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Five Steps For Driving Successful Digital Transformation in A/R Shared Services

Discover how to drive successful digital transformation in A/R Shared Services with these 5 steps.
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5 Skills Every O2C GPO Needs in the Age of AI: Secret to Adidas, Cargill, Huntsman, McCormick, and Danone’s A/R Success

Understand the 5 key skills every Order to Cash GPOs must have to make their A/R process world-class.
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Four World-Class GPOs on Building an Agile A/R: Cargill, Air Products, Keurig Dr Pepper, and Danone

O2C GPOs from Cargill, Air Products, Keurig Dr Pepper, and Danone share their insights on how to build an Agile A/R.
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Guide to Become a dotONE company | Insights from HighRadius & Gartner

Understand how to use the Gartner Decision Making Framework to take technology investment related decisions and accelerate digital transformation
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Top 10 Challenges for Order to Cash Global Process Owners in 2022

Know what are the top 10 challenges GPOs must overcome to achieve a seamless process in 2022
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Why Has There Never Been a Better Time to be a GBS Leader?

Learn the four stages of shared services evolution and how to leverage digitization and AI powered technology in GBS organization to become a hub of…
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Emerging Global Trends in Talent Management and the Future of Work for GBS

Introduction O2C leaders are focusing on talent management more than ever before and trying to understand the Future of Work and adapt to it in…
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A GPO’s Guide To Customer-Centric Order To Cash

Read this GPO's ultimate guide and learn how to develop a customer-centric Order-To-Cash process.
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Read the Blog: Fundamentals To Reinvent Your Shared Services

This infographic brings to you the necessary skills required for A/R shared services leaders to return with resilience and thrive their shared services in 2021.
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Best Practices to Future Proof Your Accounts Receivable Shared Services: Insights from Gartner and HighRadius

While shared service centers have traditionally been focused on cost reduction, order-to-cash GPOs have been looking out for ways in which they could transform their…
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From Whirlpool: 10 Steps To Digitally Transform A/R Shared Service Centers

Background Whirlpool is one of the world’s leading home appliances companies focused on innovation and winning the digital consumer journey. They decided to consolidate the…
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How To Accelerate Integration Of BUs Into Shared Services

In today’s fast-paced world, as companies undergo business expansion, it becomes necessary for them to expand their process scope, consolidate their business functions, and bring…
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Optimizing A/R performance: Both Sides of the Coin

Learn how to optimize the Manual A/R reporting cycle with the right technology and out-of-box Reporting Dashboard.
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Shared Services in a Multi-ERP Landscape

Join Paul Watters, Finance Leader at MercuryMarine to learn how they reduced 67% onboarding time for customers and improved the overall credit process with AI.
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Danone’s SSC Story: Moving Beyond Cost Savings

Develop scalable models that lead to operational efficiency within minimal time. Focus on customer centricity without compromising on performance.
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