Danone’s SSC Story: Moving Beyond Cost Savings


Jacob Whetstone

Director, Credit and Accounts Receivable,


[0:00] Jacob Whetstone: Thank you all for coming. A pretty sparse crowd so far, so nice and intimate I guess. So this is kind of what we'll go over. So yes, the myth in the title of the presentation talks about what that is. It is really just shared service centers that are all about cost optimization. But how they evolve over time, some of the scopes that we can focus on or that we've always focused on to try to optimize the shared service center, as I talked about how we're setting up some of the things that our journey that we've gone through, and then some of the lessons that we've learned. So again, the title of the presentation kind of gave this away, but the shared service centers, there's a myth that it's just to really drive costs down, which is true and part of it and a lot of the reason why as businesses do it, but it's not the only reason that we go into a shared service center. So this is, you know, pretty explanatory and pretty basic, I think, but a lot of the reasons why shared service centers get started is because…

What you'll learn

  • Develop scalable models that lead to operational efficiency within minimal time
  • Focus on customer centricity without compromising on performance

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