Integrated Receivables: SAP Collections

SAP Collections Management is part of the SAP® Collections & Dispute Module and is the preferred option for accounts receivable operations whose companies run SAP. There is great benefit to being effectively aligned with the rest of the organization through an ERP platform. Done properly, an implementation of SAP Collections Management is as robust as any third-party A/R system. Significantly lower total cost of ownership and improved access to real-time data are just two benefits to taking this approach.

Value HighRadius Adds

In addition to our highly specialized expertise and implementation services, HighRadius offers certified solutions for the SAP Receivables Management modules that are built on top of the SAP® Netweaver platform in ABAP code. This provides real-time data integration and lower total cost of ownership than point solutions that are not native to SAP®.

Collections and Dispute Accelerator

HighRadius Collections & Dispute Accelerator leverage the functionality of SAP® ERP Financials and Collections Management. The solution significantly improves automation and receivables performance by enabling process standardization and the enforcement of best practices with robust, pre-configured workflows for handling customer deductions and invoice disputes.

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Advanced Correspondence Automation

HighRadius Advanced Correspondence Automation enables the automated creation and delivery of customer correspondence, such as collection letters, dispute denial correspondence, and credit notifications, directly from SAP®.

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What SAP® Does

from the SAP® Receivables Management Brochure

With the collections management functionality of SAP Collections and Dispute Management, you can proactively manage overdue receivables and prioritize collections efforts for maximum success. The software uses a collections work list with an overview of each past-due account, including open invoices, dispute cases, and contact history, helping ensure that collections agents have all the information they need when contacting a customer. In addition, agents can readily document the results of each customer contact and create promises to pay. Working with SAP Collections and Dispute Management, you can achieve higher collection success rates, thus accelerating cash flows, lowering DSO, and minimizing the risk of bad debt write-offs.