Integrated Receivables: SAP Credit Management

SAP Credit Management, is the preferred option for corporate credit departments whose companies run SAP. There is great benefit to being effectively aligned with the rest of the organization through an ERP platform. Done properly, an implementation of SAP Credit Management is as robust as any third-party A/R system. Significantly lower total cost of ownership and improved access to real-time data are just two benefits to taking this approach.

Value HighRadius Adds

In addition to our highly specialized expertise and implementation services, HighRadius offers certified solutions for the SAP Receivables Management modules that are built on top of the SAP Netweaver platform in ABAP code. This provides real-time data integration and lower total cost of ownership than point solutions that are not native to SAP®.

Credit Decision Accelerator

HighRadius Credit Decision Accelerator leverages and extends the functionality of SAP® ERP Financials and Credit Management. The solution drives automation and efficiency into credit decisioning by automatically gathering credit bureau reports, customer financials and payment history and incorporating the data into a configurable scoring model within SAP®.

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Advanced Correspondence Automation

HighRadius Advanced Correspondence Automation enables the automated creation and delivery of customer correspondence-such as collection letters, dispute denial correspondence, and credit notifications-directly from SAP®.

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What SAP® Does

from the SAP® Receivables Management Brochure

SAP® Credit Management enables you to quickly evaluate a customer’s risk of default and manage that company’s credit lines throughout the customer lifecycle. The software lets you automate credit policy implementation and manage default risk by evaluating data from multiple sources – including external credit reporting agencies – to quickly render a decision. With its sophisticated credit rules engine, the software segments customers by their creditworthiness and payment history. It also helps you mitigate your risk by more effectively managing customer credit lines, which are key factors in customer relationship management.