Autonomous Treasury
Cash Management Software

  • Continuous global cash visibility with automated bank integrations
  • Automated reconciliation of cash balances to prior day cash activity
  • Global data repository for cash transactions
  • Easy bank account signatory administration
  • Easy tracking of intercompany transactions, notional pools, and more
Cash Management Dashboard - Highradius

Key Features

Automated Data Gathering

Schedule and connect seamlessly with banks and other sources to extract data and auto-populate market data, bank transactions, and other data needed to support multi-currency cash positioning.

  • Process files in all formats, including XML, BAI2, MT940, XLS, and CSV
  • Auto-classification of bank transaction category based on transaction details
  • Independent market data from external sources
  • Option for users to override or manually upload their own market data
  • Includes holidays for all financial centers for the next 50 years to manage business days
Automated Data Gathering

Auto-reconciliation of Bank Statements

Auto-reconcile bank statement items based on user-defined tolerances, matching rules, and auto-cash transaction creation, and easily find and resolve exceptions with a manual matching option.

  • Automated reconciliation based on user-defined and standard tagging rules within tolerances (1-1 to many-many matching)
  • Maintain account level status of bank connectivity, balances and reconciliation status
  • Exception handling via manual reconciliation of transactions and outstanding statement items
Auto-reconciliation of Bank Statements

Cash Position Worksheets

Improve cash visibility using configurable cash position templates that provide customizable views of cash and bank balances including the ability to fund, clear, and create cash at a single click.

  • On-demand cash positioning across bank accounts, companies, account groups, pools, currencies and time horizons.
  • Easily create cash and intercompany-linked transactions.
  • Drill down into transactional details for each account
  • Automatically record all cash activities across actual, mirrored, and notional bank accounts.
Cash Position Worksheets

Investment/Debt Planning

Investment and debt planning based on credit line availability and predetermined targets to make decisions more efficiently.

  • Create recommended concentration and funding transfers
  • Drag and drop functionality to make transfers in a single click
Investment/Debt Planning

Business Intelligence

Online dashboards with transaction-level drill-down to make it easier to take decisions.

  • Robust reporting with transaction-level drill down capabilities
Online Dashboards with Drill Down Visibility

Bank Account Signatory Management

Track and manage accounts and other types of signatories.

  • Manual entry or bulk import
  • Bulk edit and delete ability to update many signatories at once
  • Track approval limits, different signatory groups and types.
  • (Optional) tracking of personal information (GDPR compliant)
Track and Manage Bank Accounts

Key Benefits

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks

    Automated bank statement processing and reconciliation saves time, eliminates errors, and allows cash managers to focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Continuous Global Cash Visibility

    A single view of your cash across all banks, regions, companies, and currencies improves cash utilization.
  • Increased Profitability

    Informed and faster investment or funding decision-making helps minimize interest expense or maximize interest income.
  • Proactive Decision Making

    Automated global cash visibility and robust reporting provides stakeholders with essential information and more time to make better investment and funding decisions.
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