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Get the Most from ACH – Best Practices for Driving Adoption and Accounts Receivable Productivity

Robert Unger, Senior Director Product Management and Corporate Relations, NACHA
Jay Tchakarov, Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, HighRadius

Myth-Busting: 6 Things to Know About Electronic Payment Processing

Elaine Nowak, Director of Product Management and Marketing, HighRadius

A 3-Point Framework for Your 2016 Electronic Payments Initiatives

Elaine Nowak, Director - Product Management, HighRadius

ACH vs. Credit Cards: A 4-Point Framework to Evaluate Which One is Right for Your Business

Jay Tchakarov, VP of Product Management, HighRadius Corporation.

3 Short Steps to Auto-Process 90%+ Electronic Remittance & Payments

Stephen Ruzicka, Sr. Solution Engineer, SAP
Vikram Gollakota, Director - Solution Engineering, HighRadius

Uncovering the Real Cost Of B2B Credit Card Payments

Jay Tchakarov, AVP, Product Management, HighRadius

E-Invoicing: How Reckitt Benckiser Minimized Invoicing Costs and Improved Invoice Delivery Time

Josef Genda, Director of Credit and Accounts Receivable, Reckitt Benckiser
Jay Tchakarov, AVP of Product Management, HighRadius Corporation
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