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SAP Receivables Management

SAP Receivables Management is the preferred option of corporate credit departments whose companies run SAP. There is great benefit to being effectively aligned with the rest of the organization through an ERP platform. Done properly, an implementation of SAP Receivables Management is as robust as any third-party A/R system. Significantly lower total cost of ownership and improved access to real-time data are just two benefits to taking this approach. HighRadius offers implementation and optimization services for these modules as well as certified solutions to extend their functionality.

SAP Receivables Management was formerly called SAP Financial Supply Chain Management or SAP FSCM.

Receivables Management Overview

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every company. Regardless of how profitable your firm may be according to accrual-based financial-reporting standards, it can still experience cash flow problems. By applying more rigorous control over customer credit evaluations and customer billing, proactively managing late payments, and streamlining invoice dispute processing, you can improve your company’s working capital. And you can reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), lower operating costs, and minimize bad debt write-offs.

SAP® Accounts Receivable application can help your company more effectively manage the credit-to-cash cycle and ensure a healthy cash flow. The applications are part of the SAP ERP Financials solution and are fully integrated with its general ledger and accounts receivable software, so that everyone involved in receivables and collections has the most up-to-date account information. In addition, the applications provide robust support for electronic invoicing that enables you to streamline billing and interact directly with your customers.

The SAP Credit Management, SAP Biller Direct, and SAP Collections and Dispute Management applications are natively integrated with SAP ERP Financials and offer you the following functionality:

  • SAP Credit Management lets you comprehensively assess a customer’s ability to pay and ongoing credit line management.
  • SAP Biller Direct enables you to conduct Web-based invoice presentment, account display, and payment processing.
  • SAP Collections and Dispute Management helps you proactively manage and collect overdue receivables and streamline the management and resolution of customer invoice problems.

HighRadius Certified Accelerators

Built on top of the SAP Netweaver platform in ABAP code, the HighRadius Accelerators leverage and extend the functionality of SAP ERP Financials and Receivables Management. The solutions available include:

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