Leveraging Automation To Change Your Deductions Management

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how challenges in the deductions process have evolved over the years
  • Learn about the role of automation in fortifying the key pillars of deductions

Evolution of Deductions Management

Evolution of Deductions Management CTA

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HighRadius Deductions Software acts as a powerhouse for proactive deduction management to prevent bottom-line erosion. It provides automation, process standardization, and a platform for cross-departmental and customer collaboration. It supports deduction management by providing some key features like back-up document capture which captures deduction data from customers and supplies the information required for resolution; auto-capture proofs of delivery (PODs), bills of lading (BOLs) from carrier portals & emails; structured deduction resolution, collaboration & approval workflows to streamline the communication and approval process; along with automatic deduction correspondence, and automatic data push to customer portals. The result is a proactive deduction management operation that recovers revenue normally lost to invalid deductions.