Credit & Collections Digital Transformation Workshop


Bryan DeGraw

Associate Principal Analyst,
The Hackett Group

Mark Peicker

Senior Director,
The Hackett Group

Robert Haas

The Hackett Group


[0:00] Bryan DeGraw: Welcome, everybody. Thanks for coming today. I know there's lots to choose from. I was overhearing a conversation when I was getting my badge this morning, some people looking at the agenda and saying, there are so many choices. So I'm glad you chose this one. Hopefully, we didn't scare other people away with the word workshop in there, we're not gonna make you do anything, there won't be any homework. But hopefully, it's gonna be a session that you get value out of. What I'd like to start with is, and this is gonna be our agenda we're gonna talk about you know who back it is, I think most of you know who we are in the market. What we do, just give a quick overview of that. And then I'm going to walk you through top performance and customer to cash. So the way we're going to unpack this and then bring it back together is to share with you first performance metrics and how you go about identifying what those key metrics are in the end and customer to cash process. Then we're going to talk about how you evaluate where you are…

What you'll learn

This interactive workshop will be led by Bryan DeGraw, Associate Principal and Global Lead of The Hackett Group’s Customer-to-Cash Advisory Program. During the session, Bryan will provide an overview of how The Hackett Group determines World-Class performance. The session would highlight the key performance metrics and best practice characteristics of World-Class Customer to Cash organizations. In this highly interactive workshop, Bryan will run the participants through an exercise that follows Hackett’s methodology to evaluate process capability maturity in the Credit and Collections processes. Participants will be able to self-assess their current performance levels and better understand the best practices that deliver World-Class Efficiency and Effectiveness.

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