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Online Credit Application Software Solutions

Streamlined credit application process that maximizes sales by accelerating credit approvals.

HighRadius Online Credit Application platform allows faster customer onboarding by capturing complete and valid credit information and enabling seamless sales and credit collaboration.

What is a Credit Application?

Business credit applications are used by customers to request a credit limit so that they can buy goods on credit. Supplier credit teams use credit applications to review the customer’s creditworthiness. Credit applications can be online or paper-based.

Types of Business Credit Application

  • Credit applications can be online or paper-based
  • Large enterprises usually have various types of credit applications based on business units, customer segments


  • Capture complete and accurate customer data
  • Automatically capture complete and accurate customer information with the help of mandatory fields in Online Credit Application.
  • Minimal back and forth with the customer with Online Credit Application
  • Don’t let your customers spend time filing up the credit application. Leverage pre-filled credit applications from sales teams or auto-extract existing customer data from CRM tools.
  • Configurable Online Credit Application to onboard customers globally
  • Eliminate the effort involved in manual customer onboarding across the globe. Leverage multi-language credit applications that can be configured based on your regional or global credit policy.
Online Credit Application

Key Features

Configurable, Multi-Language Credit Application

To onboard customers globally, Online Credit Application can be configured in multiple languages and based on your customer segments or business units.

Automated Credit Reference

Leveraging the integration with, you can automate your bank reference verification to fast-track the overall customer onboarding process.

Pre-Filled Applications from
Sales Teams

Online Credit Application leverages pre-filled applications from sales teams and auto-extracts customer data from CRM tools such as Salesforce.

Automated Workflows to Fast-Track Customer Onboarding

Once an application is submitted, your credit teams get notified through automated workflows

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