End-to-End Visibility into Credit Risk


Gunther Smets

GPO Order to Cash, Cargill


Gunther Smets: Good morning everybody. So my name is Gunther Smets and I work with Cargill. So the intent of the next. How much do we have? We have 40 minutes I think. Yeah. So of the next 40 minutes has to go a bit through the technology challenges and the technology design that we take for a credit to cash within the Cargill environment. So not only to the nice stories about it but also a little bit challenging and the dirty stories about how technology is an enabler. But sometimes those who will block or challenge versus what we do. So without further ado quick introduction about Cargill we're an agricultural industrial business. We exist for over one hundred and fifty years. We're a family-owned business. One hundred and fifty thousand employees over 70 business and we're located in over in the meantime a bit over 70 countries in the meantime as well so we have a global presence. Now we've started this journey about three years ago three and a half years ago as a very decentralized company. So every single of our businesses was organized in a completely different way. They had their technology design that…

What you'll learn

How to design an order to cash process to support billions in receivables processed globally?Go through the specifics of process design, multi-ERP (SAP and JD Edwards) integration for creating visibility, standardization and effectiveness.

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