How Sales and Credit Teams Could Be Friends


Lisa Tanner

Director, Global Credit and Collections, Nidec


Lisa Tanner: I've been talking about this topic for years and years and years, and one of the things I find is that in every conference I learn more from you guys than you probably do from me and that's why I keep doing this. To start with this as a topic that goes back to the very beginning of time, sales and credit have been at odds, going back to the Garden of Eden. The original salesperson was Satan. Satan was going to get Eve to buy that Apple and she was the original creditor. She wanted to eat now and pay later. And so here we are today! Lisa Tanner: A couple of the items on the agenda. The credit and sales arm wrestling. What do sales expect from credit? This is kind of one of the most important things you have to understand how the sales team thinks. What does credit expect from sales? We kind of all know we want them to help us with, make sure that it gets paid on time. Sales and credit, it's a partnership. It truly is you as a credit professional cannot be successful if you don't get your sales…

What you'll learn

Should Credit & Sales squabble over customer risk? The answer is YES. Despite their hostile relationship, they both can work wonders for the organization if this squabble can be channeled into a more fruitful debate which touches all the right chords and is argued with a better understanding of each other. Given her unique experience of being on both sides of the table, Lisa from Nidec Motors discusses how Credit and Sales could strike the perfect balance between revenue and lowering credit risk.

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