Macro-Economic Trends and Opportunities for The Credit Department


Christopher Rios

VP, Finance Solutions,

Dan Meder

VP, Solutions Consulting,

Mike Flum


Dustin Luther

Head Of Marketing,

Eric Kider

SVP/General Manager,


[00:02] ANCHOR: We're ready to kick off an amazing panel today. The topic is macroeconomic trends and opportunities for the credit department. We have a fantastic group of panelists that are ready to come up here and share all of their wisdom and expertise on the topic. So with that, I'd like to invite our panelists to come up. Our first panelist is Christopher Rios, Vice President for Finance Solutions with Dun & Bradstreet. Next on the panel is Dan Meder, V.P. of Solutions Consulting with Experian. [00:37]ANCHOR: Next up, we have Mike Flum, CEO and Senior Vice President for CreditRiskMonitor. Dustin Luther, Head of Marketing with CreditSafe. And last but certainly, certainly not least, Eric Kider, Senior Vice President and General Manager of InfoGroup. And with that, I'd like to welcome up our moderator today, Bill Weiss, who is our Vice President of Business Development for Credit and Collections at HighRadius. Welcome Bill, and thank you and take it away. [01:08]BILL WEISS: Thank you very much! So we've really beefed up our panel this year and this is really an elite group. So I'm very excited to be moderating this panel. And we've got some great topics today. Before…

What you'll learn

In this panel join D&B, Experian, Creditsafe, CreditRiskMonitor and InfoGroup as they discuss credit strategy, account management, fraud prevention and technology adoption in backdrop of trade wars, risk of recession and other macroeconomic trends.

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