Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Global Credit Risk Policy


Moustapha Ould Ibn Mogdad

Market Focal Point Manager, GBFS Canada – OTC,
Bristol-Myers Squibb


[0:00] Moustapha Oud Ibn Mogdad: Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, for coming to this session, even for the happy hour, you left your happy hour to come here to listen to macroeconomics, which is a must hated subject in any university courses. Trust me, I've been there. And I know that people don't like micro-economy. But the reality is with micro-economy, something very interesting. It is a recession. And by saying recession, I don't want you to get scared, as more than 70% of economists suggested that in 2021 will have a recession, no matter what they told you in the news that we are in a good shape economically and everything is good in Canada because I'm Canadian. So I'm not talking about the US, no politics. So that's not the reality of what's happening. What's happening, it's something else. What is the sign of a recession and what it means for your organization? So this is a question that I'm asking you very briefly if anyone knows the sign for your organization about the recession very quickly. [1:11] Moustapha Oud Ibn Mogdad: You don’t see any sign in your company about the recession. Oh that's great.…

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