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[Fireside Chat] From Rolodex to AI For Credit Management

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Jay McKeown

President & Dean Credit Institute of Canada

Blair DeMarco-Wettlaufer

South Western Ontario Chapter President Credit Institute of Canada

Nawshad Khadaroo

General Manager Credit Institute of Canada

What you'll learn

1. What led to the evolution of technology for credit management: Operational and functional challenges from back in the day
2. AI for A/R and credit: Busting the myths around the technology and highlighting real-life use cases
3.Way forward from here: What next should credit leaders expect from technology and automation

About the Webinar

In recent times, technology has evolved as an enabler for the credit department to evolve into a strategic role within the finance function- delivering on CFOs objective of securing the financial health and working capital despite a turbulent economy. Artificial Intelligence is not a new concept anymore. By 2021, 87% of organizations would be using AI in some form or the other for their finance operations, as per a report by KPMG.
Join this fireside chat, where the panel of experts from Credit Institute of Canada would take a pause to reflect on the evolution of technology for credit management. From fourteen columnar pads to spreadsheets, on-premise ERP modules to cloud solutions and Robotic Process Automation to Artificial Intelligence, it has been a long journey that has enabled credit teams today to operate with high efficiency despite remote working and other operational challenges posed by the COVID pandemic. This would be a walk down the memory lane for some of you, and a lesson on then vs. now of credit management for others.

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