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Why Is Forecasting A/R and A/P Challenging?

  • What factors make forecasting accounts receivable & accounts payable so challenging
  • Factors causing unpredictability in accounts receivable & accounts payable
  • How AI-enabled cash forecasting help treasurers achieve accurate cash forecasts


Chapter 01

Why Is Forecasting A/R and A/P Challenging?

Chapter 02

Improving Cash Forecasting: Artificial Intelligence As an Enabler
Chapter 01

Why Is Accounts Receivable Difficult to Forecast?

Accounts receivable forecasting is particularly challenging as it is entirely in the client company’s hands. While payment terms are agreed upon, customers might not always adhere to them, adding an element of unpredictability to the process.
Further challenges that make forecasting A/R difficult include:

  • Sheer volume of invoices
  • Range of systems creating data variability
  • Number of entities involved

Factors Causing Unpredictability in A/R

Why Is Accounts Payable Difficult to Forecast?

In the case of A/P, the forecast is accurate in the short-term, up to the next 2 to 4 weeks.However, it is in the longer run that the accuracy takes a hit because of uncertainties revolving around payments.
Challenges when forecasting A/P are:

  • Difficult to predict payments for which invoices haven’t arrived yet from suppliers
  • Increased variability during seasonal rebate programs
  • Volatility in payment dates and timings during CAPEX projects

Factors Causing Unpredictability in A/P


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