23 Key Order to Cash KPIs to Track to Become a Strategic Shared Services Leader

This free guide details 23 important Order to Cash KPIs that shared services leaders should use to evaluate process performance, identify actionable next steps for improvement, and strategically optimize their organizations.

Includes a printable list of the 23 KPIs towards the end of the eBook.


Chapter 01

Strategic Metrics

Chapter 02

Individual Performance Metrics

Chapter 03

Process Health Metrics

GPOs of Tomorrow: Going Beyond Cost Savings & Optimizing Working Capital

Today’s Global Business Services (GBS) and Shared Services Centers (SSCs) are advancing upwards on the value chain, with the goal of creating more harmonized, customer-centric, and digitized process workflows.

As a result, in order to deliver on Order-to-Cash process excellence goals, it becomes imperative for Global Process Owners (GPOs) and GBS leaders to set and track the performance of a globally distributed workforce against identified goals. This is a real-world trend we’re witnessing: as per a study by The Hackett Group, 42% of SSC/GBS organizations plan to improve performance measurement capability as one of the major initiatives on their 2021 agenda.

As a GPO/GBS leader, what performance metrics should you monitor for your A/R team? Find out.

How Does This eBook Help GPOs like Me?

Insights within this eBook will help your shared services teams evaluate the performance of business processes and identify actionable next steps for improvement. As a result, the knowledge from this eBook will help your organization adopt a target-operated model and evolve into a strategic partner to sales, Supply Chain Management (SCM), finance, and the entire continuum.

Inside the eBook: KPIs to Track Your O2C Process

This ebook contains 23 vital O2C KPIs, divided into three categories: strategic metrics, performance metrics, and process health metrics. Alongside explanations of each KPI, you’ll be provided with knowledge on why each metric is helpful and how to apply it to your own organization. As a result of tracking these metrics, your GBS/SSC organization will be able to more effectively deliver on its strategic objectives.

The ebook also contains a printable version of the 23 KPIs providing you with a quick checklist to reference as you begin keeping track of these helpful metrics.



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