Is AI the Aspirin for Your Cash Application Headache? : The American Greetings Story

About The Webinar

Cash Application continues to be a thorn in the side of even the most seasoned treasury professionals. Inefficient cash application inhibits working capital optimization, damages customer relationships, and impacts the productivity of employees involved in the cash application process. Many companies accept cash application headaches due to belief in common myths which prohibit them from discovering best-practices and cost-effective technology that can offer relief from even the worst cash application headaches. Discover how, irrespective of the maturity of your current cash application processes, your company can mitigate the manual keying of information, capture of email and web remittance, achieve ‘real’ straight-through processing, and free-up resources for high-value work.

Join us as Lauren Kennedy, Manager, Retailer Financial Services shares how American Greetings was able to strike the right balance between satisfying their customers to foster e-payment adoption and is leveraging automation and AI to achieve a 95% cash posting hit rate while improving the customer experience of American Greeting’s customers