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Credit Software: AI Blocked Order Management

Manage your upcoming orders by leveraging AI-based blocked order predictions and release recommendations. Provide your credit and sales teams with a space for effortless collaboration.

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  • Proactive order management through AI-based blocked order predictions

    Leverage AI-based blocked order predictions by analyzing past order patterns and payment behavior to proactively plan the next steps such as reaching out to the customer or escalating it to the sales or collection teams.

  • AI-based release recommendations for better credit decisioning

    Get AI-based recommendations on blocked order resolution. For example, order release or block, asking for partial payments, or increasing the credit limit. These suggestions are based on factors such as past customer payment behaviour, current amount past due, risk class.

  • Faster collection of past dues: Positive impact on bottom line

    Recover past-dues faster from customers by predicting upcoming blocked orders. Eliminate the time lost in manual blocked order resolution and let your collectors proactively reach out to the customers to collect a partial/full payment in order to release the blocked order.

How to get started

1. Receive AI-based blocked order predictions and recommendations

Leverage AI capabilities to predict the upcoming blocked orders by analyzing the customer’s credit limit utilization, and past payment behavior. Get recommendations on whether to release the order, block it, or ask for a partial payment.

2. Review the customer’s credit
profile comprehensively

Review the customer’s credit risk exposure by analyzing parameters such as past payment behaviour, the volume of business conducted, risk class to make an informed decision on order block or release.

3. Request a payment and release the order

Automatically notify your collectors to collect a partial/full payment from the customer. After the payment has been made, data flows through EIPP and Cash Application Cloud to post cash faster and release the order.

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