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AI-Based Dispute Validity Predictor to Prioritize Resolution

Leverage AI-Based Dispute Validity Predictor to validate deductions faster to ensure faster resolution cycles and improved net recovery rate for invalid disputes.

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  • Identify the invalid deductions by leveraging AI capabilities

    Utilize AI algorithms for historical data present in the ERP system to predict the validity status of a Deduction.

  • Prioritize the resolution of invalid deductions to improve the net recovery rates

    Ensure based on the validity of deductions, that your deduction teams are able to prioritize the resolutions. Usually, the deduction teams try to focus on the invalid deductions to ensure faster collections from those invalid disputes.

  • Reduce the overall DDO through faster resolutions

    Identify the validity of deductions and prioritize them to ensure overall faster resolution irrespective of whether they are valid or invalid. Your deduction teams can reduce the Days Deductions Outstanding by resolving deductions faster.

How to get started

1. Predict the invalid deductions with AI-based dispute validity predictor

Leverage machine learning algorithms to analyze historical validity trends to predict invalid disputes with the use of our AI-based dispute validity predictor.

2. Trigger a workflow to collections for faster recovery of invalid disputes

Trigger invalid status of dispute to flow to the Collections Cloud to provide an update regarding the invalid dispute amount and resolution status. The collectors are able to prioritize the invalid disputes through their worklist to ensure faster collections.

3. Enable a single-click correspondence to customers to ensure faster collections

Send automated correspondences embedded with payment links via the collectors to the customers who make a payment using their preferred payment format and the payment data flows into Cash Application Cloud along with the remittance to ensure faster cash posting.

This is Why A/R Teams Love Us

HighRadius Customer: McCormick
ROI on Automation : McCormick's deduction team was able to successfully automate 164,000 deductions a year, out of which 80% were trade deductions.
HighRadius Customer: Ferrero
Faster resolution : Ferrero was able to reduce their open deductions by 58%

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