Integrated Receivables Cloud Platform

Automate Denial Correspondence and Credit Memos

Eliminate the manual efforts involved in posting credit memos or denial correspondences to customer web portals with the click of a button.

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  • Improve net recovery rates through automated web push of denial correspondence

    Automatically push denial correspondences to customer portals to notify them about invalid deductions to recover faster from those invalid deductions.

  • Upload back-up docs with web automation

    Resolve invalid claims by automatically attaching backup documents such as PODs, BOLs while pushing the denial package to the retailer portals.

  • Auto-push credit memos to retailer portals with a single click

    Post credit memos on customer web portals with a single click. Eliminate the manual efforts lost in logging into the A/P portals multiple times a day to post credit memos.

How to get started

1. Get Started with Automated Web Push of Denial Packages and Credit Memos

Auto-fill the denial form on customer websites and portals
Deductions Cloud automatically maps and fills all essential information in the deduction denial forms on customer websites and portals, such as chargeback amount, invoice numbers, customer contact details.

2. Auto-post denial correspondences and credit memos on web portals

Push the credit memos and denial correspondences to the customer websites and portals with a single click.

This is Why A/R Teams Love Us

HighRadius Customer: Keurig Dr Pepper
Improved Recovery : Dr. Pepper Snapple Group was able to increase their net amount repaid on invalid deductions by 28% from $5M to $6.4M.
HighRadius Customer: Ferrero
Faster resolution : Ferrero was able to reduce their open deductions by 58%

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