Call BS on Your Boss

Transparency from the top builds trust for all of us

Transparency is king because it starts from the top.  Ray Dalio, from Bridgewater Associates is a big advocate of ‘radical transparency’ and we agree. Here is a Ted talk from Ray Dalio to learn more.

In most companies the employee is always under the gun but not the manager. Every manager should have the clarity to share their own goals and performance to the entire organization. They should be able to set clear directions for their team. If not, their employees should feel completely empowered to challenge their boss.

We want our employees to understand the WHY behind what they’re doing. Work without purpose is just a paycheck. If transparency starts from the top, it builds trust, purpose and increases the accountability at all levels.

How we implement this at HighRadius

Visibility to Vision, Goals and Initiatives (VGIs)
All managers are responsible for publishing their goals and key initiatives to their departments or groups through the HighRadius360. This is an essential step in driving transparency and accountability from the top-down. We must be able to explain what our vision and goals are in a concise way so we can ensure that everyone is focused in the right direction.

Visibility to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Every employee has performance metrics tracked and published for anyone to access and review. We use a company-wide dashboard to track and publish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):
Department level performance – how is the executive doing?
Team level performance – how is mid management doing?
Individual contributors – how is a specific employee doing?
This creates a shared sense of accountability for everyone across all levels.

Visibility to Key Leadership Decisions (KLDs)
We do not believe in making big decisions behind closed doors. Meetings and discussions which impact a mass set of employees are shared. This ensures that teams are able to appreciate and understand the rationale behind the decisions so they can feel empowered to make an impact on the bigger picture.