Hop on the Roller Coaster

Fail-fast, learn-fast, fix-fast is how we execute

Roller coasters are fun, but they’re not for everyone. In the software business,  change is the only constant so you have to be ready to pivot at any moment and manage through the ups and downs (while continuing at mach speed).  We have celebrated success, embraced failures as learning moments, fixed fast and kept moving forward! We want to hire people that thrive in dynamic, fast paced environments. They see ahead of the curve, remain proactive and are champions of change.

How we implement this at HighRadius

Highako – Fail-fast, learn-fast, fix-fast
Highako is the HighRadius term that is derived from the word ‘hayaku’, which means ‘fast’ in Japanese. We aren’t afraid to fail. We own it, learn from it, fix it and move on. For instance, we once engaged a 3rd party consulting firm who helped us to design, develop and deliver some strategic plays as part of our Sales Playbook. After going through multiple iterations trying to get it right, we concluded that the approach was fundamentally flawed. So we shut down the approach and moved on. We believe life is less about what happens and more about what you learn from it!

Smaller, Nimble Teams
Most departments at HighRadius are split into smaller, nimble teams. We go through a thoughtful process before we make key decisions. Once we say GO, Goals and Key Initiatives are defined, people are aligned and we like to get out of the way and let small teams make magic happen!

Create dotONE Playbooks
Every team is expected to create a dotONE Playbook. dotONE stands for 0.1% which means each department is expected to create a Playbook which helps them execute at 1 in 1000 in terms of quality. This playbook should dictate how teams execute their best plays. Playbooks make it easy to onboard new employees and provide clear direction for existing employees to run on their own.