Ride or Die with the Customer

Customer service is everyone’s job

At HighRadius, we bootstrapped for over a decade and it was our customers which helped pay the  bills all these years. Our customers are the only reason we exist today and they own us which is why we are so loyal to them.  Customer success was easy when we were small. As we continue to grow big and complex – we are challenging ourselves constantly to stay progressive and keep customers as the central focus of our journey.

How we implement this at HighRadius

Every Employee is in Customer Success
All employees are expected to take care of a customer if they learn there is a problem. Across all teams and levels all the way up to our CEO, we will prioritize customer emails over our day job.

Employee Bonus based on Customer Success
All of our professional services teams have more than 50% of their incentives tied to customers achieving expected ROI and value. They are measured on a metric called TQVS (Time, Quality, Value and Satisfaction). Value and Satisfaction (which are rated by the customer) have significantly high weightage. We would rather get it done right and incur the cost of a mistake versus pushing for speed to check the box.

SWAT to go the extra mile
We have hundreds of clients, a bulk of which are large enterprises with complex business processes – and their business landscape is prone to changes. After implementation, if a customer approaches us with issues around value-realization or change management, we dedicate a SWAT team to diagnose the problem with the customer. The objective for this team is to ensure that the customer continues to receive value – and we do this at zero additional cost to the customers.

Our approach to driving teamwork is rooted in having a unified goal for customer success. Whenever teams and individuals find themselves on opposite sides of the coin, they are urged to choose the option that would be in the best interest of the customer. When there are customer issues, all departments (not just customer success) across product management, engineering and consulting come together to make it a priority.