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Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring

What you’ll learn:

  • Get insights on how Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring enables you to monitor the frequent changes in your customer’s credit profile, payments profile, tax filings daily.
  • Learn how Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring helps your credit team stay on top of their at-risk customers by providing real-time credit risk alerts. Your credit teams can automatically revise and rescore the customers based on the alerts.

Every day, your credit teams are struggling to identify at-risk customers. With 100s of customer portfolios, it is difficult to regularly review and track the frequent changes in their credit profile.

The traditional concept of reviewing a customer once or twice a year is not effective anymore!

With HighRadius Real-Time credit risk monitoring, your credit teams can monitor all of their portfolios on a daily basis. They can track real-time changes in the customer’s credit profile, payments profile, filings to identify the critical customers and reduce bad debt.

Let us understand how this happens. Every day, your credit teams receive real-time alerts related to customer’s credit profile updates. For instance, if the credit score drops by 200 points or a customer files for bankruptcy. The solution automatically pulls in the latest credit report and financials to rescore the customer and update the credit limit.

Through an automated approval workflow, various stakeholders within the credit team can review and approve the revised credit limit. Once approved, the latest credit information such as risk class, credit limit is automatically updated in the ERP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate business credit score using HighRadius Credit Cloud?

Credit Cloud helps your credit teams automatically calculate credit scores based on credit application data, credit ratings, public financials, and credit insurance information. You can configure the weightages assigned to your credit scoring model based on your business requirements.

How to determine the creditworthiness of new customers?

HighRadius Credit Cloud helps organizations to fast-track new customer onboarding with the help of online credit application. The customers can fill up the online credit application, or it can be pre-filled by the sales teams. Credit Cloud auto-extracts credit reports from 40+ global and local agencies, automates credit scoring to evaluate the creditworthiness of the new businesses.

Can Credit Cloud support new customer onboarding across multiple geographies?

Online credit application is highly configurable. Based on your business requirements, online credit application can be translated into any required language; it can be customized based on customer segments, business units.

How often should I conduct credit checks on my existing customers?

HighRadius Credit Cloud helps you to monitor frequent changes in your customer’s credit profile on a daily basis. This way, your credit teams can prioritize critical customers’ risk evaluation instead of periodically reviewing the customer portfolios once a year. 

HighRadius Credit Cloud Software enables your credit teams to mitigate risk globally with real-time visibility into your portfolio risk. With Credit Cloud, your credit department can fast-track new customer onboarding with multi-language online credit application. Credit Cloud helps you to reduce bad debt by enabling real-time credit risk monitoring for your customer portfolios across the globe. Based on a risk alert, your credit teams can fast-track credit reviews with automated extraction of credit reports, public financials, credit insurance information from credit agencies, automated credit scoring and approval workflows. Credit Cloud helps you to effectively manage your upcoming orders with AI-based blocked order predictions. HighRadius Credit Cloud simplifies credit management operations in O2C even at a global or regional-level.